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By martin Lacy

Should Married Couples File Taxes Together?

Friday March 21,2014

A common question married individuals have for their CPA is, “Will filing separately help my tax situation?”  The answer to this question like many other tax questions is “it depends.” As a married couple you have the option to file usi

By Vagram Shalvardzhyan

Helpful Tips to Select a Reliable and Knowledgeable Accountant for Your Business

Monday March 17,2014

Business owners want every aspect of their business to run as efficiently as possible in order to prevent wasting valuable time, money and resources. They organize finances, keep books/records updated, and establish company policies/procedures in ord

By MASH Accounting

Letting an Accountant Unmask The Ghosts in Your Payroll

Monday March 10,2014

Although businesses may exert all efforts to fairly distribute pay to hardworking employees, some manage to receive an unjust share of the pie. Chris Bradford explains in his piece for the Chron small business portal:

“More than 11

By Norvan Mardirosian

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