Our Bookkeeping Approach

Accurate and consistent bookkeeping helps businesses stay ahead of the curve and make well informed decisions. By outsourcing your bookkeeping services you free up valuable time to concentrate on more important tasks.

At MASH, we work with a variety of businesses across many industries. We have a great idea of how each industry functions and use this knowledge to work with business owners to create a specific bookkeeping plan for each of our clients. Our Glendale, CA-based bookkeeping services will help your business and provide you with the information you need to increase your bottom line.

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Accurate - It’s time to put the days of wondering whether you made a bookkeeping mistake squarely in the past. By entrusting a respected CPA firm with your books, you can rest easy knowing that veteran professionals are in charge of your ledgers. Consistently accurate books lead to smarter business decisions and a healthier work environment.

Convenient - We get it: you made it this far because you’re smart, driven, and able to handle any task that comes your way. But at a certain point, if you want to continue to grow, you’ll need to delegate some tasks. Bookkeeping is an area best suited to financial professionals who understand how to keep immaculate records while empowering you to keep building your empire.

Smart - How much time are you currently spending digging through financial statements, tax codes, and spreadsheets? How else could you be spending that time, and how might entrusting an accounting firm with that daily minutiae act as a springboard that allows you to tackle your other goals? Outsourcing bookkeeping to MASH Accounting is just smart business.

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