Life Is A Lot Easier With Expert Management In Your Corner

Whether you’re a business owner, executive, investor, professional athlete, musician or actor: today’s hectic lifestyle leaves little room to attend to personal business. Thankfully, MASH’s team of personal business management accountants, bookkeepers, technology experts, and support staff can provide a full spectrum of business management and consulting services that allow you to enjoy the finer things in life. MASH relieves the pressures of dealing with all the tedious details of running a business while empowering you to reclaim precious time, increase efficiency, and improve organization… all while uncovering real cash savings in the process.

Whether it’s a tune up, major overhaul or development from the ground up, we stand ready to assist you with the services that fit your individual needs. Business management is a task best left to expertly trained professionals with years of valuable real-world experience. The team at MASH Accounting has those traits in spades.

Our Business Management Services Include...

Bookkeeping - We’ll make sure your books are balanced and up-to-date at all times so you have a clear and accurate financial picture.

Financial Statement Preparation - Financial statements are not areas for estimates or mistakes. Let our professional team handle this type of preparation.

Budgeting & Financial Planning- Drawing up a custom financial plan and then sticking to it is one of the foundational pillars of success that we provide our clients. Follow our map to growth and watch your gains pile up.

Record Retention & Management - You know that drawer in your house where you currently keep your files and records? That’s not a sustainable way to pursue financial health. Let us handle your record retention with a meticulous eye for detail.

Cash Flow Analysis - Understanding your cash flow at a minute, fine-grain level is key to properly identifying areas for improvement. With a clear view of your financial picture comes incredible power to keep building wealth.

Insurance Coordination- Dealing with insurance adds an entire new layer of time-consuming red tape and compliance issues. Instead of trying to navigate them yourself, let the MASH team take the reins.

Risk Management Analysis - Risk management is a critical component of financial planning. Our team has been providing this type of analysis to clients for years, and we have an acute sense of exactly what metrics matter most.

Business Process Analysis & Design- Your business process has a direct impact on your present and future success. We’ll painstakingly design and analyze a roadmap to business nirvana with financial freedom as your ultimate end goal.

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